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best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

A truck accident is among the most horrific of crashes known to our highways and our civil justice system. Throughout Southwest Florida, there are many major roads, highways, and commercial corridors where semi truck traffic is heavy every day of the week.

Trucking is a vital part of our commerce. Virtually every product we purchase from any store comes via transport by hardworking truckers and trucking companies. Those who drive with purpose and put safety first do good work.

A Truck Accident is Often Caused by a Negligent Truck Driver and Trucking Company

Truck drivers and trucking companies often claim they face many pressures in their Florida operations. Some trucking companies and truck drivers seek to ease the demand by cutting corners. Moreover, they violate basic safety rules of the road. Also, they breach trucking safety regulations. And, because these shortcuts are dangerous, their actions place us all at risk on the road. Accordingly, when they do, tragic consequences often result.

Negligent acts have no place in trucking. Moreover,a truck accident is always avoidable. 18 wheeler, big rigs, and semi trucks often weigh 30-40 tons. Or, 60,0000 to 80,000 pounds. Drivers in cars and small trucks are no match to massive tractor semi trailers.

Sometimes, a large truck does not undergo proper service or and maintenance. Sometimes the truck driver is not qualified or driving carelessly. Therefore, drivers of cars, vans, and light trucks and their passengers are at risk, and too often sustain severe injury or death. For example, throughout Florida, there is an annual average of 12,500 trucking accidents with injury, according to our Florida Department of Transportation.

Locally, truck accident totals show these tragedies are far too common. Here are average yearly totals in Southwest Florida communities:

  • Charlotte County: 100 truck accident injuries per
  • Collier County: 92 truck crash injuries per year
  • Hendry County: 40 truck injuries per year
  • Sarasota: 330 truck accident injuries yearly
  • Sarasota County: 202 trucking accident injuries per year

Avoiding a Truck Accident by Complying With Basic Rules of the Road

Truck drivers must qualify to operate a large truck with a commercial driver’s license. Moreover, operators are responsible to obey trucking regulations and rules of the road. Also, drivers must inspect and maintain their rig, and transport cargo only when it is safe to do so.

Undoubtedly, truck drivers often have demanding schedules. But, they are prohibited from driving excessive hours or when they are too tired to drive safely. After all, preventing a truck accident is every driver’s obligation.

Trucking companies are required to ensure their trucks are operated by qualified commercial drivers. A truck company must know each driver’s background and driving history. Many truckers have checkered driving histories. Accordingly, a trucking company must keep these drivers off our highways to prevent a truck accident.

Trucking businesses must operate their trucks safely, and this requires the company to inspect their semis. Every company must perform maintenance of their trucks, train or employ only skilled truck drivers, and obey all trucking regulations. When they don’t, then contact your truck accident attorney.

Truck Accident Attorney Helps Truck Injury Victims Obtain Compensation

Large truck crash survivors injured by a trucking company and truck driver are eligible for compensation. When tragedy strikes in Southwest Florida, then truck accident attorney David Harris seeks answers and justice for you and your family.

David seeks full compensation from negligent truck drivers and careless trucking companies in truck accident claims. Peace of mind through financial security is available. Full compensation for your catastrophic injuries, harms, and losses allows you to focus on healing.

While you are reading this, the truck business and its insurance company already have a team working to defend a claim. Accordingly, contact David right now for a free consultation and discussion of your circumstances.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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