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best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

A fully loaded tractor trailer can weigh up to 40 tons, or 80,000 pounds. Most cars, light trucks, and minivans weigh one or two tons. Accordingly, you don’t have to be a truck lawyer to know who wins in a truck car accident.

Unfortunately, throughout Southwest FloridaSarasota, Collier County, Charlotte County, Hendry County, Glades County—and nearby communities, many families know tragedy. Because, they know truck car accident nightmares.

Sarasota Truck Lawyer Discusses Why Truck Car Accident Happen

Crashes involving a truck car accident are usually one-sided. Consequently, passenger vehicles sustain massive damage and big rigs often emerge with little harm. Moreover, while tractor trailers only make up a small number of all vehicles on our roads and highways, these rigs comprise one in five fatal crashes.

A truck car accident involving semi trucks, also known as 18 wheelers, tractor trailers, or big rigs, are typically far worse than crashes involving passenger cars. Especially relevant, commercial trucks are larger and far heavier—especially when cargo is aboard—making them virtual battleships on our highways.

As your truck lawyer knows, operating a large semi truck often requires special training and driving skills. Especially relevant, drivers must appreciate their wider turning radius, maneuvering challenges, and need for longer braking distance between vehicles. Accordingly, if a driver does not have sufficient experience or lacks good training, then a trucker may be a danger to others.

In addition, a big rig requires routine maintenance. Since trucks often log many miles and travel distances much farther than most passenger vehicles, adequate maintenance must be a priority. Especially relevant, faulty or worn brake systems commonly cause a truck car accidents. Moreover, incidents result from bad tires.

Furthermore, every trailer must have cargo loaded correctly. Consequently, if the truck’s load adds too much weight to one side or is incorrectly secured, then there is greater risk of tipping over or skidding out of control.

As your truck lawyer, I know surviving a truck car accident is often a miracle. For many, these tragedies devastate families through fatality. Yet, for others, catastrophic injury presents challenges and obstacles for a lifetime.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

Truck Lawyer Uses Our Laws to Secure Justice in Your Truck Car Accident

After a truck car accident, you and your family rightfully work on healing and moving forward. However, as you do, you should know what your truck lawyer knows: insurance companies, truck owner, and truck driver are already working on defending themselves against your claim.

This is why retaining your truck lawyer quickly is so important. Especially relevant, we need to start our investigation quickly and work on establishing your claims.

Because large rigs are commercial vehicles, they are regulated much more closely than passenger vehicles.

In a fender bender with another car, you might only need to exchange insurance information. Next, you trust an auto insurance company to cover your damages. But, a truck car accident with injuries and damages comes with many factors unknown to you. Consequently, this is how your experienced truck lawyer can help.

For example, as your truck lawyer, I know Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations and Florida law applying to our trucking industry. But, why is this important?

Because, every truck driver and trucking company must comply with safety regulations. Moreover, violating these rules may help proving your case. Especially relevant, regulations prevent drivers from from driving too many hours in a row. But, as your truck lawyer knows, commercial drivers are often paid by mileage. So, many break our laws and drive as long and as far as possible to increase their pay.

Similarly, Florida regulations govern how much trucks can weigh, cargo distribution, and other important safety issues. Accordingly, these rules work in tandem with federal regulations to promote both driver safety and vehicle safety.

Sadly, many drivers experience fatigue and face distractions. Moreover, many large rigs violate safety rules. As a result, a major truck car accident occurs.

Your Truck Lawyer is Here to Help You and Your Family After Your Truck Car Accident

Almost every truck car accident produces tragic consequences. Having a truck lawyer by side your side can be a very important step in helping you protect your rights and recover money compensation you deserve.

At David Harris Law, you are welcome here. Moreover, I personally work with you, seeking justice and full compensation for your harms and losses. While money does not heal you, financial security can help you move forward with some comfort and peace of mind.

While you focus on healing and your family, I work to investigate and settle your case as quickly as possible. Furthermore, we’re always ready to go to court to fight for your rights.

Contact me now. Your consultation is free. And, you do not owe any fees or costs unless we win.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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