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best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

Sarasota vehicle accident lawyer David Harris says more cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles are traveling on our streets and roadways than ever. This is leading to a tragic record-setting pace for traffic crashes with personal injury and wrongful death. Especially relevant, your vehicle accident lawyer understands your harms and losses.

Vehicle Accident Lawyer Sees Increase in Car Wrecks

Southwest Florida continues its rapid growth in population every year for both full-time residents and part-time residents. This large population growth places increasing stress on our local road and highway capacity. Moreover, your vehicle accident lawyer sees more crashes and harms.

Unfortunately, this translates into large numbers of vehicle accidents throughout Southwest FloridaSarasota, Collier County, Charlotte County, Hendry County, Glades County and nearby communities—every single week. Indeed, there are as many as 20-30 vehicle accidents or more every day throughout our region. Accordingly, as your vehicle accident lawyer points out, many collisions result in big injuries.

While some of these crashes are minor, many involve injuries requiring medical attention. Moreover, many collisions result from negligence—careless acts—of other drivers. Especially relevant, your vehicle accident lawyer sees how these crashes cause brain damage, spinal cord injury, limb amputation, severe burns, and fractures.

Your Sarasota vehicle accident lawyer fights for financial compensation. This money helps you obtain the best care and treatment, but also provides you with needed financial security.

Sarasota Vehicle Accident Lawyer Helps Injury Victims Recover Money Damages

There are different types of crashes causing serious injury or death. In each incident, your Sarasota vehicle accident lawyer is ready to help you recover compensation:

  • Car accidents occur frequently, damaging property and lives. Some car accidents occur because drivers don’t pay attention to the road, such as texting and driving or talking on a cell phone. Other auto accidents occur because a drunk driver or aggressive driver tailgates and weaves in and out of traffic. In every instance, the crash is avoidable, and the driver should be held accountable.
  • Motorcycle accidents involve motorcyclists ride our local streets, roads, and highways for both fun and to commute to work. In a motorcycle crash, the rider has little protection, and severe injuries often result from impact with another vehicle. Drivers of vans, trucks, and cars are required to share the road, and when they fail to do so, the consequences can be catastrophic.
  • Bicycle accidents involve cyclists who come in all ages and sizes. Because bicyclists ride our local streets and roads for leisure, and increasingly as a mode of transportation to work or the supermarket, they come into frequent contact with motor vehicle traffic. When drivers do not share the road with bicyclists, bike accidents happen, and often result in head injury, spine damage, or fractures.

Sarasota Vehicle Accident Lawyer Pursues Big Crashes

As your vehicle accident lawyer understands, catastrophic collisions often involve large vehicles.

  • Truck accidents often happen when truck drivers, under pressure to deliver goods quickly, drive more hours than they should, or fail to sleep enough. Careless driving by truckers is often traced to the trucking company, which ignores trucking regulations. Trucks and other large vehicles include 18 wheelers, big rigs, and tractor-trailers. These massive vehicles can cause severe damage to a passenger vehicle due to their immense size and weight. When a truck or other large vehicle strikes a smaller vehicle, then it exerts a great deal of force. The smaller vehicle is crushed or sends occupants flying forward until they are stopped by a seat belt, airbag, or windshield.
  • Commercial vehicle accidents involve business vehicles, such as company vans and contractor tucks. Common examples include landscaping trucks, roofing trucks, service vans, and furniture delivery vehicles. Trucks used by contractors, such as air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical repair vehicles, are other types. Mid-size trucks, such as delivery trucks delivering goods to grocery stores and specialty retail stores, are also commercial in nature.

Because there are so many trucks on our local roads and highways, major crashes are common. Moreover, as your vehicle accident lawyer knows, these often result in severe injuries.

Injured By a Careless Driver? Contact Sarasota Vehicle Accident Lawyer

A major crash injuring you comes from nowhere. In an instant, your life changes. Do you believe an insurance company might willingly help you and your family put your life back together? Unlikely. Reach out to your vehicle accident lawyer at David Harris Law right now. Do not delay.

While you are healing and recovering from your injuries, Sarasota vehicle accident lawyer David Harris can provide the needed legal experience, focus, and drive to obtain financial security for you. Experienced and driven for you, David takes time to know your accident, answer your questions, and help you determine your next legal steps. It is a simple process.

This is your opportunity. Honest and having determination, when vehicle accident lawyer David takes your case, he gives it his very best from day one forward. David seeks maximum money damages for his clients so they rebuild their lives with peace of mind. Contact David today for a free consultation.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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