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If you suspect a company or institution is committing tax fraud, Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, or similar fraud on our government, then contact me as your Sarasota whistleblower attorney to assist your next steps.

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If you’re a whistleblower, then you’re exposing information or activity deemed illegal or fraudulent. Moreover, exposing fraud in government programs may allow you to share in a financial recovery.

Whistleblower Attorney Protects Your Interests

When you uncover misconduct in your work, your experience is unsettling and stressful. Moreover, you worry about what you should do and perhaps to whom you report your findings. As your whistleblower attorney, I take steps to protect troubling issues you find, and get this information to proper authorities.

In addition, in my role as your whistleblower attorney, I seek your whistleblower protection. While you are performing your civic duty, you are also eligible for a portion of any money our U.S. government recovers from your information and assistance.

Furthermore, as your whistleblower attorney, I want to help protect you from unfair termination or civil claims. For example, you may be eligible for specific legal protection. Let’s face it, whistle blowers frequently face sanctions or retaliatory actions, which may be financially ruinous.

So, making sure you’re in a strong position to stand firm or firm back is essential. And, even with protections, this is never an easy process in its early stages. Accordingly, when taking action exposing a company or institution’s fraudulent or deceptive practices bilking funds from our U.S. government, you are entering a battle zone. As your whistleblower attorney, I stand by you through this process.

Whistleblower Attorney Seeks Your Financial Recovery

As someone who’s exposing misconduct, you must take care with whom you share this information. For example, if you reveal fraud to your employer, then you may face retaliation. Moreover, your valuable information may result in manipulation, deletion, or similar deceptive conduct. Accordingly, as your whistleblower attorney, I want to ensure your information makes its way out into sunlight.

In some instances, your share may be millions of dollars. Because, as someone who provides valuable information about fraud costing our government big money, you are eligible to receive a sizeable percentage of money. Accordingly, your efforts may lead to your own financial security.

So, don’t delay contacting me as your whistleblower attorney as soon as possible.

Whistleblower Attorney Serves Southwest Florida

We have many large entities and organizations throughout Southwest FloridaSarasota, Collier County, Charlotte County, Hendry County, Glades County and nearby communities. Moreover, many of these large companies and non-profit entities, whether in health care or similar large sectors, rely on payments from our U.S. government through various programs. As your whistleblower attorney, I know massive fraud and misconduct drain big money from these programs.

Accordingly, if you are aware of fraud or similar improper practices costing our government significant money, then contact me as your whistleblower attorney right away. Your initial consultation is free, and there is no fee unless we obtain your share of funds from a recovery. Moreover, you may receive a significant percentage of money our federal government recovers in this process.

You have taken your first step by finding me as your local whistleblower attorney. Now, take your next one. Let’s have a thoughtful and personal discussion for free about how I may help you.

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